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How did I get into Lashing?

Why is Lash Perfection - The Masterclass 4 Weeks?

It all started in 2015 when I did a collab with Lauren Saunders, who had a massage table in the middle of her living room. I curiously ask "Why do you have a massage bed in the middle of your room?", she nonchalantly says "Oh, I do lashes on the side." I never thought about it again until months later when a family friend recommended for me to do lashes to grow my beauty skills. 

I am formally trained in makeup and have worked in the Beauty Industry and TV and Film for the early parts of my career.

In 2016 I approached her to train me and she happily said  YES! I took the very informative 2 day course and got my certification. I practiced day and night until I got to be really really comfortable lashing. I am so grateful for everything I have learned thus far and for all my wonderful clients that have seen me through the years.

I missed this round of Lash Perfection, when will it be released again?

We will be releasing Lash Perfection - The Masterclass in 6 months increments. I'm sorry you missed this round, but we will be launching in the future very soon.

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Each week is dedicated to working on perfecting one area of your business. Every week will build on the other, helping you become a better performing artist bit by bit. A lot of what we do is practice based, by giving you a week to digest and practice the work each week; we feel that it is essential for your success.